Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Almost 3 weeks

I cant put into words how much I love my little baby boy! Brenner is amazing, and such a perfect addition to our family! He's the perfect mix of Rylee, Hailyn, Jordan and also Jared (he looks a lot like Jareds baby pictures do)- so needless to say he really is a mix of everyone.
After the hard pregnancy and stressful experience having him plus the after "recovery", I look back and realize i'd go through it over and over again just to have him here.

We couldn't love him more, there truly is something about baby boys that are super special. I really can't get enough of him. Plus the girls are amazing with him, I couldn't have been more blessed in that area. Hailyn is so easy going she could care less that he is here and not jealous in the least bit. She loves to give him kisses and asks to hold him once in a while and be my little helper when I need things for him. Then Rylee is the perfect mommy, she would sit and hold him all day long if she could and I swear he knows its her holding him, he usually falls right asleep and is so calm when she has him. They love their little brother, its so nice to not have any jealousy with him here. My girls have been amazing, its wonderful and a huge help!
The only thing that could make this perfect would be if Jordan didn't have to be in Halifax working, but i'm very proud of Jordan and the sacrifices he is making for our family. I have the hardest time being away from my kids for just a few hours let alone months, so I cant even imagine how hard it is for him to be gone, especially now with Brenner and how much babies change every week.
But were proud of him and thankful for all of his hard work. SOON the summer will be over and he will be back home, it truly is MUCH better having him here!
 you cant kiss Brenners cheek without him thinking he's getting food and trying to eat so we got a good kiss!

 He looks SO much like Hailyns baby pictures here 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brenner Jordan- the "story"

Well he's here!! I know its a little behind as he came June 9th, but he's HERE!! and we couldn't be happier, he is such a perfect little angel, and we couldn't possibly love him any more than we do. He is just the perfect addition to our family, and so far such a perfect baby.

Delivery was stressful, they hooked me up to the machines and his heart beat was gone.. SO scary! the nurses were panicking and calling the delivery doctor in who started talking c-section so an iv was stuck in my arm right away just in case. The worst part was that I wasn't even really in labour at that point, my contractions were barely there (nothing different than they had been the last 2 months), but after that scare they moved me into a delivery room at 8:30 and sure enough contractions started happening close together and hurt terrible, I guess my body knew this baby needed to be out!
Worst part was the doctor and the wonderful doctor who gives epidurals were in doing a c-section so no drugs for me, not even morphine since his heart beat was dropping they couldn't even give me that. Im a WUSS, not afraid to admit it so it was the worst thing ever. Or well i should say the worst 7 mins of my life ( i guess that really isn't to bad). But at 9:57 I knew I had to push and at 10:00pm my water broke and at 10:03 out was our little angel. Good thing the nurse was there to catch him because the delivery doctor wasn't yet..
Brenner came out making his mark in the world, and came out peeing, not crying or upset at all, just super happy and content. Which is how he's been ever since he came out, he's such an amazing baby.
He was 8 lbs 8 oz 20.5 inches long, and has been one hungry boy since coming out, he's definitely going to be nice and chubby!!

The girls LOVE him, Hailyn actually could care less he's even here, she just gives him kisses and hugs and every once in a while says "let me hold him" and Rylee is a professional baby holder and wants to cuddle him all day long. She's such a great little mommy! And timing couldn't have been better, Jordan flew in tuesday june 7th at 10:30 and Brenner was born Thursday June 9th at 10:03. I couldn't have done all this without him, and i'm SO happy he's been able to take the time away from work in Halifax to be back home with us.

And then for the "After" delivery....

At the hospital they ended up pumping me full of 5 L of extra fluids.. not ideal for anyone since your body has a ton of excess fluids they need to get rid of anyway.
So my feet, ankles, legs, fingers, lets say pretty much everything started swelling up and hurting. I had no clue it wasn't really normal, and then I wasn't able to breathe and it felt like I had a HUGE weight on my chest making it impossible to get any air. So I went to the doctor got an x-ray found out I had fluid building up in my lungs and he told me I needed to get into the ER and offered an ambulance, I decided just to go in on my own with Jordan driving me.
I guess I should have chose the ambulance since I got in they took my vitals and started calling doctors and "teams" to the Code room that they rushed me off to. Scariest most stressful thing ever! But I guess when you cant breathe and have next to no pulse and are seconds away from passing out they don't mess around.  I had 4 nurses sticking things to my body, portable x-ray machines, ultrasound machines and pretty much everything stuck to my body. They ended up giving me a shot of something in my IV making me release 5 lbs of fluid while I was in that room, plus at least another lb or 2 after I got moved into another room.
I still don't feel wonderful yet and back to my normal self, my chest still is sore among not feeling great for other reasons. But thankfully Jordan was able to move his flight around and stay longer than we had planned to be here to help out. I guess just one day at a time is how were going to have to take it, and hopefully soon I can be back to feeling normal again, and hopefully somehow forget the stress and toll being in the hospital had on me. Its definitely not fun having a brand new baby, 2 other little kids at home and then hearing words like "life threatening situation" and "code room" ect..
But in all reality I look at my beautiful baby and would go through every bit of pain and do it all over again just to have him here. Knowing he is healthy is what really matters and I couldn't be happier to have him part of our family. Things definitely feel much more complete having a little boy added to our girls.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

All 3 Babies

I swore to myself I wouldn't post again until the baby came, BUT after our little picture shoot today I really needed to add just one more.

Rylee has been my amazing photographer throughout this pregnancy, and takes my weekly belly snapshots. I do realize my stomach has not got bigger in about 2 months, just lower. This baby really does feel bigger than my girls did, and i'm hoping it's just because my stomach did not pop out as big so there is less room for him to move inside there. So here's my 38 week picture:

Once I was done having Rylee take a few pictures Hailyn ran over to where I was standing and said "Hailyns turn for pictures of my baby"- and she stood there posing all by herself, pretty much copying what I just did. I had the hardest time actually taking the pictures because it was so funny, yet Hailyn was not joking around, she really wanted pictures took of her "baby belly". SO here are Hailyns maternity pictures, were just not quite sure how far along she is.. 

And then HORRAY I got Rylee smiling, only because she wanted a picture with her baby, but still she's smiling!!! her mouth may be full of candy she's trying to hide, but I still think they turned out cute!

SO there are all 3 of our babies. Lets hope mine comes soon and pictures can be took of him outside my belly, and lets hope Hailyn soon understands that there really is not a baby in her belly. Any time I ask her to pick something up lately her response is "I cant, I have a baby in my tummy"- and yes she gets that exact line from me! But she uses the "baby" in her tummy all the time as an excuse to not do things. She really is quite the hilarious 2 year old.  A bit confused, but still really entertaining! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011


i've decided that having a baby 13 days early is maybe more a curse than anything, especially when you plan on having more! I'm pretty sure all along I have mentally thought that just because Hailyn was a nice child and decided to come early that the one(s) to follow would do exactly the same..
Well today is 13 days till my due date and this darn baby is a bit to comfy inside me. How is it possible though to have constant contractions for the last almost 3 months and make it this far? He better just be holding off for his daddy to come home ( 3 SLEEPS!!!), because next wednesday his time is up! I really don't care what it takes, this little guy needs to be welcomed into this world- and June 8th sounds like a wonderful birthday to me!!
Being 38 weeks pregnant i'm pretty sure sucks for anyone who's been there- with the exception of your first baby, because after having more than one, no one out there has the right to complain with their first baby (unless its twins) because first pregnancies are absolutely amazing, you look good, you feel good and everything is wonderful.
But back to what I was trying to complain about- being 38 weeks and home alone with 2 kids is super hard. Sleep is impossible with how sore your body is, and then to have your 2 year old decide that every single morning she is going to wake up at 6:32, yup I meant to type that, 6:32 not 6:30, or 6:45 but 6:32 every single morning is just to much right now! I really feel like I will get more sleep once this little guy is out because I will finally have my body back!

But since I have decided his time is almost up, I am really really excited to meet him and get to hold him in my arms instead of my belly! Its been a pretty stressful pregnancy, and a few times I really wasn't sure if id make it full term, so despite being so sore and unable to sleep I am very thankful to have a healthy baby inside me that I know can now come out at any point and be more than ok! Especially since all he's doing in there now is getting fatter!!

AND i'm just as excited for Jordan to be back for a bit in 3 sleeps! I think every time Hailyn talks to Jordan on the phone she asks him either "why you no come home" or "why you in Halifax still", so they are in definite need of some major daddy time!!!

So heres to crossing my fingers and hoping that my next post is all about baby _________ (yup he has no name yet)