Friday, April 29, 2011

Mommies with BOYS help please!!!

I need help, opinions and advice.. So for anyone with a little boy PLEASE leave me your opinion. I didn't want to post this on Facebook, I find arguments always start on there when people have different opinions, so I'm hoping I can just do it on here and get enough information to make the "right" decision.

So the big topic.. Circumcision.. to do or not to do?? apparently that is a big question

I just figured it got done, and thats what everyone did when they had a boy, till I asked my doctor about it and he told me very rarely it gets done anymore, and "specialists" wont even book you in unless its for medical reasons, so you have to find a clinic and trust they know what they are doing. Kinda scary!

So PLEASE if you have a baby boy and have information or an opinion id LOVE to hear it, anything at this point would help, because other than just "thinking it got done" I know nothing and don't know much about it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter everyone!!! I have to say I am VERY happy that every single year Easter is on a Sunday, It really helps remind us of the REAL meaning and purpose of this day. Rylee came out of primary telling me how she learned of Jesus and how he died for us but it still with us today. She really does have great teachers (that she LOVES), it couldn't of been easy for them to get that planted in her head with the sugar high she's been on since she woke up. So I am very thankful for church and how it reminds us of whats truly important despite the craziness of easter candy and all of the fun things associated there!  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Days!

This picture really does just prove that my girls look NOTHING alike! besides the same panties, they are definitely 2 completely different girls in every way! 

Hailyns Beautiful eggs

Rylees Beautiful eggs

After the girls dyed eggs I really wish I had bought WAY more eggs! I had no clue it would of been such a huge hit, especially with Hailyn because she is just 2, but boy was I wrong, they had SO much fun!! And i'm pretty sure would have sat there for hours dipping eggs over and over, in fact most of their eggs did get dipped again because they ran out to fast. 

Chocolate Teeth/Face!! Yummie  

I know the pictures really are bad, but they were running around so fast there was no time to actually attempt good ones.. and no point in attempting to edit them! 

But day 2 of the easter activities consisted of a super fun egg hunt in Chelsey's backyard. Luckily we sectioned off a small area for the little girls so the big girls let them actually find some eggs. All 4 of them once again had TONS of fun!! We are LOVING the warmer weather, lets hope it sticks around because Hailyn is completely obsessed with Chelsey's backyard, and calls her playhouse her "dollhouse". I've pretty much got our summer planned out.. Sitting in their backyard all day long, and since my girls wake up and first thing they ask is to go over there, i'm pretty sure they wouldn't be disappointed! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Came to Soon!

I didn't expect this day to come so quickly, but the selling "summer" has officially started and Jordan left this morning for Halifax. This year is going to be quite different since we normally join him when he takes off, but due to special circumstances that really wasn't possible this time around. 

It’s going to be a rough go without him here, mostly due to the fact "bed rest" is what the doctor ordered! So were just going to have to take it a day at a time and do next to nothing till this little guy makes his appearance to the world. 31.5 weeks.. I’m getting closer!

But were definitely going to miss Jordan, its MUCH nicer having him here, the girls find him much more fun to play with than me, and the work he did around the house is going to be greatly missed, especially now! Plus, it’s just all around better having him here. But we are proud of all his hard work and the sacrifices he's making this summer!! 

We love him and miss him already!!! I just hope someway somehow he's able to be here when this baby comes, maybe it’s selfish but I need him here!! And I know it would kill him to miss this little guy being born. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

7 Days and 10 Weeks

So i thought i'd finally update my blog with pictures of my own children, it's not easy to get pictures of my kids, they seem to HATE the camera, which is so fun! I'm sure people on Facebook think (or thought) I only like Hailyn since she's the only one I can (sometimes) get pictures of.. So it was nice to finally get a couple of Rylee where she isn't running away, or putting her hand over the camera.

I am now 30 weeks!! 30 weeks and 4 days to be exact.. but I mean who's counting?!?
Despite how much this pregnancy has been less than enjoyable it sure has gone by fast. Before I know it were going to have a little baby boy (who has no name.. i seriously can not think of one! good thing there is still time). 
I'm a little (ok thats a lie) i'm a LOT stressed thinking about this upcoming summer with Jordan gone. Its going to be super hard, not just being alone with the girls and a new baby, but sad he's going to have to miss out on so much of his baby boys first months. I'm just praying we can somehow figure out when this little guy wants to come so he can be back in time. 

Hailyn was a 2 hour labour from start to finish.. Halifax is like a 5 hour flight.... 
And for the last almost 3 weeks i'm having constant contractions and cramping.. advice from my doctor: Take it easy, and act like a "slug".... hmm pretty much not possible right now! Although I can tell I need to. I can wake up in the morning and can walk without much pain, and by mid afternoon everything hurts so bad, it's so hard to even stand up or literally do anything that involves movement. Its just so weird how every pregnancy has been SO different. The first was amazing, and I guess it just goes down hill from there.. 

Rylee LOVES the baby already. She's constantly kissing my tummy or hugging it and wanting to feel the baby kick. She's going to be a huge helper when the baby comes. She is only 4, but she's pretty good with babies already. She's definitely a good little mommy!

And then there is Hailyn.. oh she is going to be so jealous of the baby, I can already tell! She tells people there is a "baby boy" in my tummy, and she also thinks that she has a baby in her tummy. She woke up the other day and told me " baby kicked me all night, kept Hailyn awake" or "mom feel, Hailyns baby is kicking" or the latest "baby in my tummy to big, it hurts".  She also came with me to the doctor and was so worried because she thought the doctor was going to try and check the baby that's in her tummy. But I guess all this does is tell me I do complain to much! Since those things Hailyn says about the baby in her tummy, are all things I say about the baby in mine!!