Monday, March 16, 2009

Hailyn Paige

I know im a bad blogger, I just dont see the point of doing it weekly when I post everything on facebook. But since it has been SO long and there has been a new addition I figure it has been long enough.

Hailyn Paige was born Feb 15th she was 7 lbs 2 oz and only 19.5 inches long, and I couldnt have had an easier or better delivery experience, i really dont there one is possible. I was in labor 2 hours and she came out in less than 10 mins of pushing, and I can easily say I felt great after! We were sent home 12 hours after she came out, and the next day I already felt back to normal and like I hadnt had a baby at all. If it gets easier and faster with every baby, I swear the next one is just going to fall out!!!

But Hailyn has been such a good baby! She looks nothing like Rylee did which was weird to me, I totally expected her to come out looking the same. But Hailyn looks almost identical to my sisters baby pictures. We sure think shes pretty cute though!
Rylee loves her alot, but the day Hailyn came home the little monster in Rylee came out! Shes starting to get alot better and I really dont think her being bad has anything to do with Hailyn anymore, shes just a little stinker and going through a fun time where she knows everything and doesnt want help with anything or to listen to us! The other day I told her she couldnt do something and she walked down the stairs and yelled back at me "frig mom, you are rediculous". If my 2 year old is already talking like this, what is going to happen in a few years?!?!?

But heres a bunch of pictures of Hailyn, they are a bit out of order, the first few are ones Jadyn and I took in my living room and Hailyn was 3 days old, they turned out super cute! and then the rest are all in order

She loved her first bath and just wanted to lay under the heater

These are Rylees newest pictures that got took in my basement. Its SO much nicer having a good camera so I can just take all my pictures at home now