Friday, February 18, 2011


                         Hailyn is officially 2 now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAILYN!
The plan was to have a Dora party with tons and tons of Dora decorations (Hailyn LOVES dora!), except nothing I ordered showed up in the mail.. the odds of ordering from 4 different sites with nothing showing up kinda blew my mind. BUT despite that, it was still a super fun party! Thank you to everyone who took the time to come celebrate her birthday with us. I LOVE birthdays, especially now that I have kids. I have to also thank Eleni (even if she never reads this), she came out the morning of Hailyns party and spent the day helping me out SO much! so THANK YOU!
The pictures are pretty out of order, we had Hailyns birthday party on the 12th, and then we also had a mini party on her real birthday and instead of blowing out candles on cake we decided to do birthday sundaes instead (which were delicious!)
But both days were tons of fun, Hailyn got super spoiled, but hey! birthdays are only once a year so why not go all out and do whatever it takes to make them feel super special!!!!

          Hailyns new kitty she named "Meow"~ she brings it everywhere and insists on sleeping with it

                                                           Hailyns Birthday Sundae

                                          I just love this little stinker and her goofy smile

                                          Birthday Breakfast- Pink pancakes and strawberries
 Hailyns new housecoat- she insisted on wearing it the next day (even when we left the house) and yup she was naked underneath.. she didn't care though, she was happy to be in her housecoat

                             I cant even look at this without wanting (or well NEEDING) to eat it
                                                        Happy Birthday Balloon Bath!

                                Opening presents on her real birthday, just the ones from us

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Done!

Her invitation is officially done!