Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Babies!!

I've decided that I seriously have the funniest little girl ever, I could just think that being her mom, but shes way to smart and uses it any chance she gets!

The words she understands and says in sentences are so funny, and the greatest part is that they make sense! Her new fav words are "actually" and "probably". We were at the Doctor yesterday and as he was trying to find the babies heart beat, Rylee asked "what you doing mom" so I told her the Doctor was trying to find the babies heart beat and she says "baby is probably sleeping", or last night I told her I was going up to have a bath and Rylee replies with "actually rylee having bath too", or I had the phone to make a phone call and once again she asked what I was doing and after I told her she said "actually Rylee calling grandma" and takes the other phone. It's always nice to be put in your place by a 2 year old!!

I just wish I had my video camera rolling 24/7 so I could catch all of the things she says for her to see when she is older. She just says things that I didnt know she even knew what they meant or how to use them in a sentence, its scary how much they watch every move you make and have to copy everything you do, I have to stop sometimes and catch my self to re-word what im going to say or do knowing she is watching and bound to copy every little word or move.

Rylee now seems to think that there is a baby in her tummy and the other day I picked her up and had my arm around her stomach and she told me "gentle, hurting rylees baby", I must be telling her to be gentle around my tummy a little to much, but hey, at least she understands. Last night she ran up to me all concerned and said "Rylee have problem, dada yuckie!" and dada turned out to be yuckie because he told her he was going to put her to bed last night, not me. She loves her dada all day long, just when it comes to nap or bed time it has to always be me, although i guess the bonus is that it helps me have an excuse to nap = )

I posted a picture of the baby at 9 weeks and it looked exactly like a little bean, its crazy how much they grow in just 11 weeks! The sad part is we still dont know if the baby is a boy or girl, I was super bummed out. But the good news is evertying is measuring up great and things look great with the baby. Its crazy how different this baby is than Rylee was already. At this point Rylee kicked and moved all the time, this one barely moves and when it does it sure kicks hard! I just saves all of its energy up to give me a few good hard kicks and then its done. Im pretty sure were going to go to Ultrasound Preview and get to know 100% what were having, I like being prepared so I really want to find out!! This is my belly at 25 weeks with Rylee

This is my belly at 18 weeks with this one

it's already so much bigger!

Im just really wanting to see how different the two of them are going to be. I think we may have got super lucky with Rylee and now are going to get to experience a baby that is alot of work! But were now over half way there, 19 weeks leff! Horray!!!!