Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brittany & Steve

I'm pretty sure everyone would agree that this is a very good looking couple!! They definitely made taking pictures super easy.
It was a lot of fun to take their engagement pictures last night, and even though the sun wasn't co-operating with what I had in mind for them the beautiful area made up for it.

**I just randomly clicked on file numbers from the folder, so it was a surprise to me which ones got posted as well.. and I just looked up and saw that i am once again posting this to the wrong blog, oops!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


ahh I seriously can not get enough of my chubby baby! I still am in shock I have such a huge child, but I am loving his chubby body!!! the only problem is along with the chubby body comes the "fat baby" appetite, nursing every 2 hours is kinda annoying, its a good thing I love him as much as I do.

Its been 5 weeks, crazy hey? 5 weeks already! and in those 5 weeks he has gained a ton, he's already 12 pounds and lost way to much of his hair he came out with. But he is still as adorable as ever and to make it even better a week ago we got SMILES!! There is nothing better than being able to talk to your baby and have them look back at you and smile, it makes all the long nights, ok even the 2 hour feedings worth it! and NO its not gas.. i got that comment a few to many times after saying he smiled that early, I even got a little video to prove it 100% was NOT gas smiles

These are Brenners newborn pics I took, so he pretty much has doubled in size since I took them, but I haven't posted them yet on my Blog. I need to take some new ones of his chubby body that I love so much!!!!

So in the same post about my Chubby baby I thought id post Hailyns newest pictures. She has an obsession lately with playing "dance school" so she had picked out her own outfit (with help from Rylee) and was very proud of it, so we ran outside for 2 min and snapped a few pics. I thought they were so cute, cuz Hailyn is so dang cute, that I didn't even touch up or edit them at all. I need to register this child for dance class!!

My goal now is to get Rylee to let me take her picture so I actually have some to post of her..