Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy to be Home!

After a long summer it is SO nice to finally be back home!!!

I havent done a whole lot since coming back home, i've had to spend way to much time going through all of the stuff we had left in the basement, and i've came to the conclusion we have WAY to much stuff and I already need a bigger house!! I never knew baby stuff would take up so much room, or maybe its the bins and bins of baby clothes, lets hope the next one is a girl too so all of these clothes dont go to waste!! But our basement suite is SO close to being done, and as soon as I can sort through and empty all of my junk out of there the sooner it will be completed and ready to rent! If anyone knows someone who wants to rent a 1 br suite in airdire let me know!!!
We did though have Rylee's birthday party which was lots of fun. Rylee was excited all week for her party and would tell us that "saturday happy birthder party" and no i didnt spell it wrong that is how she says birthday, even though she can say both birth and day. There isnt a whole lot you can do at a 2yr olds birthday party, but the kids played and we ate food and had a fun time.
Rylee got so many cute presents she was definitely spoiled, thank you to those who came, it was great seeing everyone, and it was lots of fun to get to see the incredibly cute babies again (Olivia and Georgia)

From this picture im thinking Rylee and Jared look alot alike! = )