Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Baby is Almost 2!!

I can not believe my baby is almost 2!! In just a few short weeks, we will be singing happy birthday once again which seems insane! There is no way my baby should be turning 2 this fast.
Hailyn has been nothing but pure joy since she arrived, and i'm really hoping she stays that way. She is just so happy and I don't want her to turn into a grumpy 4 year old, but hey, I guess only time will tell!

Today we did a little photo shoot for her birthday invitations, I have not one clue yet what the plan is for her birthday party, but I do at least know she needs cute pictures so make that party happen. These are just all black and white ones,  i'm thinking for her invitations I may do them in colour, but I LOVE black and white (although i'm sure everyone knows that by now)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's A...


Rylee has obviously known something before the rest of us!  We hadn't even told Rylee yet I was pregnant and she was informing me I had a baby boy in my tummy. She was bang on, its a baby boy, and we're very excited! I think Rylee may just be a tad more excited than the rest of us though, she has been wanting a brother and loves baby boys. If only she knew what that meant.. i'm sure the excitement of having a brother will wear off pretty quick!!  The baby was being a bit of a stinker at the ultrasound (he's naughty already..) and the lady couldn't get all his measurements or any good pictures. So hopefully when I go back in 2 weeks it will go better. 

thanks to my tri pod, self timer, and Rylee for pushing the button on 
my camera to get these pictures of my belly at 18 weeks

Thursday, January 13, 2011

quick update

I thought I should do a quick update, I know for me its odd that I only have 2 pictures to post, but I haven't yet moved any of my pictures over onto my new lap top.

Lets see.. what can I say that is exciting and thrilling?? I honestly don't know, which is probably the reason I have avoided updating my blog for so long. So we will see where this ends up.

My girls are wonderful, Hailyn is SO funny and incredibly good! She does not stop talking, and I am not exaggerating that one bit, Im pretty sure unless she is chewing, drinking or sleeping there is not a 10 second period where she is not talking, counting or singing songs. Actually let me change that, she even does it while she sleeps. She is still a horrible sleeper, I am not sure how she can be so amazing during the day and yet still so naughty at night!

And then there is Rylee..... and yes the .... is required! She is so smart, and I love her so much, she is just going through a grumpy phase! I really hope this is not a permanent thing, but she's definitely pushing the buttons of how much she can get away with, and as for listening.. well either she is just naughty or needs her ears checked because thats the only other explanation for why not one thing I say registers in her mind lately.
She is though way to excited for the baby to come! This is the phrase everyone has heard many times "did you know my mom has a baby in her tummy, its a boy, and its coming this summer before my grandmas birthday". Yes it's coming before my moms birthday (hopefully!) but NO we do not know it's a boy yet.. But Rylee is 100% sure, so only time will tell! She has also gone through the toys in the basement and found the one toy she absolutely LOVED when she was a baby, and has it pulled out sitting in her room waiting to give it to the baby when it arrives.

And then the only other "new" news, is that this summer our destination Jordan picked is Halifax, yippee.. hmm Halifax would have been fun, except for the fact a baby is due the end of June and its hours and hours and lets add another, HOURS away! So the 2 choices are..
I go and have a baby there with no one to help me, since Jordan will be gone from roughly 10:30 am to 10:00 pm every day, but if i go he at least gets to see his kids, and i'm there with nothing because we would all fly out.
I stay home where all my stuff is and chance Jordan missing the baby being born and then he is left without his kids all summer unless he can get away and come visit for a couple days, which is pretty much impossible when you manage an office.
Needles to say i'm pretty stressed about this decision!! SO yippee.. Halifax..

January 20th is my ultrasound, so a new post with hopefully exciting news of what we are having will come soon after!