Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas

I know I am the WORST blogger out there, so after over 3 months finally here is a new post. It seems like not much has changed yet so much has. Rylee is still as funny as can be, and WAY to smart! Im not just saying that because I am her mom, she really is one smart kid! and unfortunately she uses that to her advantage every chance she gets. We love her though. She is totally scared of Santa and when she sees him in the mall she runs the other direction.. She told me "one day when I am older I will sit on Santas lap, but not now". Im kinda thinking that 3 is old enough!
Hailyn is a super good baby and seriously always smiling. She follows Rylee around the house and wants to play with her. Its so fun watchng the two of them play, and she has also today decided that she can climb the stairs, little stinker! I thought id have a little while longer with those. Her new thing is to also say HI to everyone. There isnt anything better then waking up in the morning and having your baby look at you so excited and say "Hi". Our girls are so fun, we really are the luckiest ever to be blessed with the two of them.

sadly this was the best we got of the 4 of them