Sunday, May 20, 2012


My beautiful amazing perfect baby will be ONE on June 9th!!!! Unfortunately we are unable to celebrate right on his birthday since Jordan is gone to Edmonton working, so June 10th is the Day- I figure since 1st birthday parties are pretty much family dinners that sunday was ok.. 

BUT It's been an amazing year so far! I cant wait for the many years to come, Brenner is awesome!!
this is his invitation-- with the address blocked out, cuz ya never know! ; ) 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

About Time!

I am a horrible Blogger! I guess since with the world of Facebook, blogging seems to just be a repeat of everything on there. Still I have become so horrible with writing down my kids accomplishments- I need my blog to have the "paper trail" of it all.

We will start with the naughtiest and work our way down:
Rylee is almost done Kindergarden and she LOVES it, she is one smart girl- almost to smart for her own good. She loves learning, and figuring new things out. She also has started reading and can write a whole bunch of words on her own, plus she loves math and is so good at figuring it all out. 
She is now in Sports Class, which she also loves. Rylee is my boy in a girls body! Her newest love is the Avengers & Captain America- she is having an Avengers themed birthday party this year, she's so excited for it too. 

Hailyn is still my sweet sweet princess! It is next to impossible to get her out of the house without a dress or skirt on with her high heels on also. 
She is so good, and lives in her own little "la la" land most of the day. She has learned how to write her own name now, and she is pretty proud of it! 
We still get serenaded with her beautiful opera. 

And then there is Baby Brenner. Who will always be my baby, even though he is such a big boy already. I cant even believe that the last year is almost over, and in just a few weeks by beautiful baby boy will already be 1. 
Brenner is still as amazing as ever. He's so happy, and smart and I can not get enough of him. He has the most ridiculous teeth! His 2 bottom ones, and then this two top ones- not the middle ones, but the ones on the side. It makes him look like a vampire- but hey, after all vampires are pretty dang cute!

Brenner is one busy busy boy!! He also has a list of words he says, but only when he wants to, I cant tell him to say a word and have him repeat it. He says though: Mom, Dad, Hi (he says that one to everyone) Daisy, Baby, more, up and of course pop -- some of them are not always pronounced perfectly BUT he knows what they mean and says them at the right time. Except every dog or animal (like today with the sea lions) but every animal is "Daisy" 

He sits and examines things and tries to put things back together. He goes where the cups and lids are and tries to match up and put the lids on the cups, or tries to put his shoes back on after they go off ect.. and he sits and tries to colour already- which may be bad for my walls! 

Brenner is the cutest ever, I have yet to go out with him and not have some lady stop to tell me how adorable he is and how they love his big blue eyes. 

We cant get enough of Brenner. He has 3 moms in this house, especially Rylee who helps out SO much and takes great care of him. 

There is the short and sweet update on my wonderful children who I love so much! Life is perfect because of my family, my husband and my kids and I couldn't be happier!