Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Big Sisters Turn

I do not even know where to start with this little nutball! Rylee is goofy, and smart, and sassy, and naughty, and stubborn and sweet all rolled into one.. Im pretty sure those are things that make up a 3 year old! ( and i have no clue why everything i type is underlined....)

My "baby" should not be turning 4 the end of August, It really does seem like only months ago she was my little baby, and now she is my big girl that bosses me around, tells me how to handle Hailyn and tells me what I am allowed to do. The things that drive me the most crazy with her are the things I love the most!

ooo the underlines are now gone!! Rylee has a new love for writing and painting. She loves to learn letters and how to spell peoples names. I am loving the fact she wants to learn and catches on to things so fast. That painting she did all by herself! She made it to go with Paytins birthday present ( i kinda want to keep it.. its cute!!) The rest are her first attempt at names, i really should have took new pictures of how she can write them all now, but I just love it! My house is now decorated with Rylees name on a million different pieces of paper all over the place.

and they are back.. so odd!!
But im pretty sure Rylee was sent here to teach me patience. I definitely need them, and i'm not quite sure if it is even something you can gain (i'm having no such luck)
Almost every day I wonder how such a cute sweet little girl, that will at random times give me a big hug and tell me how much she loves me, or tonight it was "mom you are the best, you are my bestest friend!!", but I wonder how such a sweet girl can drive me so crazy! Cuz that phrase she told me turned into "You arnt my best friend anymore!" when I made her go to bed.. ahh 3 year olds are so fun

Rylee LOVES her dada!! He has left for the summer already, and I'm sure I hear at least 5 times a day how much she misses her dada and wants to go see him.. Then followed by, "But i'm not living in saskatoon, im staying here living at grandmas house"

Im pretty sure she gets this addiction from me! Is there honestly anything better than chocolate dipped strawberries?? Nope there isn't!

But what it all comes down to is that every day I realize how thankful I am to have been blessed with such an amazing little girl. She really is the reason for so many great things that have happened in my life, and I love her SO much more for that! Rylee truly has changed my life in so many ways and I know she will continue to do so. It's amazing what a 3 year old can teach you, and how a 3 year old can become one of your best friends!