Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Blog!!!!

After months of wanting to do it, ive finally done it!! .... and im still working on it since im really not good at the whole blogging thing, and figuring out how to make them look super cute.

I made a photography blog, where I can post all the pictures i've took and will take. Hopefully get some constructive feedback from people that I can use to improve from.

I love photography and I wish I knew everything there was to know about it, not to mention I wish I had a super expensive camera with all of the gadgets to go along with it... and while we are on the topic, maybe throw a studio in there with a white background and lights and unlimited props.. one day!

I love my family, and I love my kids, but I feel that I need to be doing something more. Don't get me wrong, my kids keep me more than busy, but busy with being up all night, and cleaning up after them (ALL DAY!), and of course all the fun things that come along with it, but being able to take pictures and try new and fun edits on them is something that makes me even happier and lets me get a "break" for a while.

Im hoping people will enjoy what they see and want to book some sessions, id love to expand what i've done and get more experience, so i'd do sessions really cheap since people will be helping me out by booking. I know, bad time of the year to decide i'd like to do this, hopefully I can figure something out and get a little set up in my basement while its FREEZING out!!

So enjoy my new blog, let me know what you think, and I will keep updating this one also!


Friday, September 10, 2010

no more avoiding it..

After months of avoiding updating my blog, I'm now sitting here alone on friday night completely bored so i'm doing the one thing i've been putting off...

There has only been a few exciting events lately, Rylee's Birthday, the BIG 4!!
She had her usual 2 parties (Lucky Girl!) one on her real birthday, and one when everyone was able to get together to celebrate.

Then we had Jordans birthday, the big 24!! that may be a suprise to those who dont really know Jordan, since everyone I talk to thinks that he is older than that. Rylee was to tempted to blow out the candles so she had to sit with her mouth covered till it was time. But we had a little party for him and invited friends & family over, it was a fun evening!
Then Sept long all of jordans side of the family went to the cabin in Big Fork, SO much fun! The girls were perfect for the drive, and then had so much fun playing in the water. Its just such a nice relaxing place to go. I love Kalispell, and if those darn mountains wernt there im sure we'd be visiting a lot more during the winter too!! It is just such a beautiful area, and PERFECT for pictures!

Lastly Rylee started PreSchool! My baby, who obviously isnt a baby and hasnt been for a long time, yet it just seems like yesterday she was a tiny newborn and now shes 4 and going to school.. it goes by WAY to fast!

Rylee LOVED her first day, I was so worried she would be scared and want me to stay, it was sure nice though when she told me "you can go now mom", I guess I need to give her a lot more credit than I do! The only thing I want Rylee to get out of preschool is structure and to listen better. She is already SO smart and knows much more than she needs to at this point, she just thinks she's the boss and runs the show around here, so if that could be toned down a bit I will be one happy parent!
I decided as soon as I registered Rylee for PreSchool that every year on her first day I'd make her write her own sign of what school year it was and take a picture of her holding it, yup she's going to hate me when she older! But for now she likes it and its fun!