Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Newest Addition

So heres a picture of our little peanut, you cant even make out that it is a baby if they hadnt pointed out to me where it was on the screen I probably never would have guessed, but its in there! It was nice being able to see it's little heart beating, it's so tiny, and JUST ONE! so the reason I am so huge already I guess I can no longer blame on the baby! But this time around things feel completely different, and I really do think that it is a little boy, I will be super suprised if at our nexst ultrasound they tell me it is another girl.

We've had a fun time back home for the last 2 weeks, I got to FINALLY see Georgia and Olivia which was so exciting, and then Rylee has just had to much fun playing, she is going to be so sad when we go back to Indianapolis on Sunday. Time has just seemed to go by way faster here then back there! Its a little weird being back here though and not able to go home to my own house, but soon enough we will be back in our home. We drove over to our house to check out the work in the back and as we were passing the main turn off by a school to get to our house Rylee got all excited and said over and over "Rylees House, Rylees House", I was so suprised that she even remembered it yet alone how to get there! Rylee has also informed everyone here about Briggs, and told everyone that she kisses Briggs and he is cute. If she is starting this already i'm not to excited for how she will be when she is older!

And I thought the storms in Indy were bad!! Its hard to see in this little picture but it was hailing so bad it looked like the ground was covered with snow when it was done

So I thought it would be nice to take a couple cute pictures of me and Rylee, and she wouldnt get her finger out of her nose for them! So what the heck, it was a cuter picture matching then me smiling and Rylee picking her nose = ) Plus she thought it was really funny and then finally smiled.

Dallon is now gone on his mission to Argentina, so this was our last family picture with Jordans side of the family for a few years.

The only way to get Rylee to smile in this picture was to throw rocks at Jadyn before she took the picture, she was being such a stinker!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Horray for baby #2! Things definitely feel alot different from the last two times, so im taking it as a good sign that things will continue to go good. Im only on my 7th week and already am the same size I was when I was around 20 weeks with Rylee, how crazy is that? But im super sick the last few days which I wasnt not at all with Rylee, so pretty much im guessing this is our little red haired boy growing!
Rylee has been a bit out of control lately, any chance she gets she runs away as fast as she can in any direction but the one she is suposed to go. She refuses to sit in the cart so shopping has turned from being fun to way to much work. So my good little girl has decided to turn bad. Lets just hope its a little phase and soon it passes because I am way to tired to chase her around all day long! So as long as we are at home there isnt any problems and shes really good, which makes for long boring days! She is just way to smart, and uses it against us any chance she gets!