Saturday, December 31, 2011


When Rylee was born I made sure that I wrote down every little thing she did, when she did it and all the wonderful details. Then Hailyn came along and I got about half of it all, and now with poor Brenner I don't have any records at all. I feel so bad, he's 6 months old and I have nothing on what he's done and when. So heres me trying to catch up now:
 Brenner LOVES Rylee. When he hears her he gets so excited and not only is he her twin but he definitely has some connection with his big sister.
Brenner is now 6 months, he is 18 lbs and 11 oz, he no longer is off the charts like when he was a few months old, he's in the 75% in every area, so he's perfectly proportioned.
He rolled over a couple times when he was 3.5 months old and then didn't roll again for a month, he's now a pro roller and rolls all over the place to get where he wants to get. He also pushes himself backwards and pushes him self up like he wants to crawl
He loves to sit by himself and play toys
I cant explain how incredibly happy he is all day long, writing it down doesn't come close to explaining it. I could have 5 Brenners right now and it wouldn't be much work at all. He is seriously the absolutely perfect baby.
Brenner loves ALL food, he eats any and everything and loves it all! I love having a baby that isn't picky about food. He also got his first tooth when he turned 6 months, which is good- he needs lots of them to help with is love of food. He also likes to sit and pick up pieces of food himself.
He "talks" just as much as my girls did, maybe he sees what he has to compete with so he's starting now. He has said both "dada" and "momma" but obviously he had no clue what he was babbling about, but at least I know the words are in there!
He gives kisses-- he will look at you grab your face and open his mouth and go in for the kiss <-- thats easily one of my fav things he does!!
He loves to cuddle and suck his thumb, he's so sweet!!
Brenner is also very snoopy, he has to see whats going on at all times
Hes seriously the most perfect baby ever, not only is he super cute, he's so good and I couldn't be happier to have him in our family!

                   --- im sure I missed SO many things, but that at least sums it up for now---
Its also been super fun to have another baby added on Jordans side, its much more exciting not being the only one with kids. So little William was born and we LOVE him!!! 

And then theres all of them.. They are so naughty together, BUT they wouldn't survive without each other. Im pretty sure they were up in Heaven planning on when they were going to come down and made sure it was at the same time. When these girls are all older everyone better watch out, I have a feeling they my run the show. The 2 we will have to watch out for the most is Paytin and Hailyn, they look more like sisters and are way to much alike!!