Saturday, December 31, 2011


When Rylee was born I made sure that I wrote down every little thing she did, when she did it and all the wonderful details. Then Hailyn came along and I got about half of it all, and now with poor Brenner I don't have any records at all. I feel so bad, he's 6 months old and I have nothing on what he's done and when. So heres me trying to catch up now:
 Brenner LOVES Rylee. When he hears her he gets so excited and not only is he her twin but he definitely has some connection with his big sister.
Brenner is now 6 months, he is 18 lbs and 11 oz, he no longer is off the charts like when he was a few months old, he's in the 75% in every area, so he's perfectly proportioned.
He rolled over a couple times when he was 3.5 months old and then didn't roll again for a month, he's now a pro roller and rolls all over the place to get where he wants to get. He also pushes himself backwards and pushes him self up like he wants to crawl
He loves to sit by himself and play toys
I cant explain how incredibly happy he is all day long, writing it down doesn't come close to explaining it. I could have 5 Brenners right now and it wouldn't be much work at all. He is seriously the absolutely perfect baby.
Brenner loves ALL food, he eats any and everything and loves it all! I love having a baby that isn't picky about food. He also got his first tooth when he turned 6 months, which is good- he needs lots of them to help with is love of food. He also likes to sit and pick up pieces of food himself.
He "talks" just as much as my girls did, maybe he sees what he has to compete with so he's starting now. He has said both "dada" and "momma" but obviously he had no clue what he was babbling about, but at least I know the words are in there!
He gives kisses-- he will look at you grab your face and open his mouth and go in for the kiss <-- thats easily one of my fav things he does!!
He loves to cuddle and suck his thumb, he's so sweet!!
Brenner is also very snoopy, he has to see whats going on at all times
Hes seriously the most perfect baby ever, not only is he super cute, he's so good and I couldn't be happier to have him in our family!

                   --- im sure I missed SO many things, but that at least sums it up for now---
Its also been super fun to have another baby added on Jordans side, its much more exciting not being the only one with kids. So little William was born and we LOVE him!!! 

And then theres all of them.. They are so naughty together, BUT they wouldn't survive without each other. Im pretty sure they were up in Heaven planning on when they were going to come down and made sure it was at the same time. When these girls are all older everyone better watch out, I have a feeling they my run the show. The 2 we will have to watch out for the most is Paytin and Hailyn, they look more like sisters and are way to much alike!! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kids Kids Kids

So I guess it is about time for a little update on our life here.. or well on my kids at least since thats all I talk about:

Rylee started Kindergarten, it was a month late since we were in Newfoundland but she is loving it and learning so much. She has actually taught me things about the moon I never knew... She is one smart little girl and not one bit a "girl" at all, she's so much into sports and nothing girly at all! She is SUCH a good helper with Brenner, she is easily the best big sister ever! She makes Brenner laugh more than anyone can, he loves Rylee and lights up when she comes around!!

Hailyn has multiple personalities, she is either Barbie, Rapunzel, Eva, Mom the list goes on and on.. She made a huge mess and when I asked her why she did that she replied with "It wasn't Hailyn, Eva did it" So she also blames her split personalities for the naughty things she does. She is so funny though, and definitely my little princess. She wakes up and needs her hair done, she wants pink eye shadow on her jewellery on and a princess dress on, and then she goes through out the day serenading us with her beautiful opera. Life definitely wouldn't be as exciting without Hailyn!

And then there is Brenner, oh Brenner how we love him SO much! I can not get enough of Brenner, he is the happiest baby ever and the cutest baby ever and my goodness typing about him makes me want to go wake him up and cuddle and kiss him. He is so big and I love every inch of his chubby body, he's definitely built just like all baby boys should be, nice and solid! Brenner has brought so much joy and love into our home, and our family needed a Brenner so bad and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. Brenner is a mini Rylee, he not only looks SO much like she did, but he hasn't stopped "talking" since he realized he could make noise. He will lay and blab on and on all day long, and I love it!

We have been blessed with 3 beautiful smart kids and after each one life just seems to have got that much more perfect. My house is never clean, never quiet but despite how crazy I feel at the end of every day, I wouldn't change anything!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Is everyone as obsessed with their babies as much as I am? There is seriously something about Brenner that I can not get enough of!!!! Maybe its his addictive smile or his bright blue eyes that are constantly bright and happy, or his perfectly cute face or his adorable laugh and super squishy chubby body, seriously the list just goes on and on and on. I can say I am so in love with my baby, he's perfect in every single way. He's bright and smart and could not be happier. Happy 3 Months Brenner!! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Life is Good!

In my opinion life doesn't get much better than this! It amazes me every time i've had a baby how much joy they bring into your life, and how life all of a sudden feels so much more complete and perfect. Brenner is easily the definition of a perfect baby. He is SO happy, and bright I honestly can not get enough of him and his big smile! Not to mention the full on conversations he will sit and have with you, he lights up and laughs the whole time like your having a super funny conversation, its the cutest thing ever. Its been a bit of a rough time since having Brenner, the last 3 months have been very challenging, but looking at him and having him in our family id do it 100 times over just to have him here. He's worth every bit of pain and hard times, he's just so perfect!!! Happy 3 months to my beautiful baby, its true there is definitely something special about baby boys.

The girls favourite thing to do lately, they take like 4 baths a day in the jetted tub. Its became their swimming pool 

12 weeks and 17 lbs (17 lbs based on Eleni weighing herself and then holding him)

 The girls are a MILLION times better with Jordan around! Its like i've had completely different kids since coming to Newfoundland, they have been SO good!! They definitely need their dad!!!

 My little princess! and a princess she truly is. She will only wear dresses, loves jewellery and having her hair done and her nails done. She's completely opposite of Rylee in pretty much every way

 Naughty Naughty Naughty!! thats all I can say to this!!!! although its made him sleep 8 hours at night, so I guess its got its "positive" side too..
Rylee is Breners 2nd mommy!! she has been such a huge helper lately, and he just Loves her!! She would sit and hold him and carry him around all day if I let her.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brittany & Steve

I'm pretty sure everyone would agree that this is a very good looking couple!! They definitely made taking pictures super easy.
It was a lot of fun to take their engagement pictures last night, and even though the sun wasn't co-operating with what I had in mind for them the beautiful area made up for it.

**I just randomly clicked on file numbers from the folder, so it was a surprise to me which ones got posted as well.. and I just looked up and saw that i am once again posting this to the wrong blog, oops!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


ahh I seriously can not get enough of my chubby baby! I still am in shock I have such a huge child, but I am loving his chubby body!!! the only problem is along with the chubby body comes the "fat baby" appetite, nursing every 2 hours is kinda annoying, its a good thing I love him as much as I do.

Its been 5 weeks, crazy hey? 5 weeks already! and in those 5 weeks he has gained a ton, he's already 12 pounds and lost way to much of his hair he came out with. But he is still as adorable as ever and to make it even better a week ago we got SMILES!! There is nothing better than being able to talk to your baby and have them look back at you and smile, it makes all the long nights, ok even the 2 hour feedings worth it! and NO its not gas.. i got that comment a few to many times after saying he smiled that early, I even got a little video to prove it 100% was NOT gas smiles

These are Brenners newborn pics I took, so he pretty much has doubled in size since I took them, but I haven't posted them yet on my Blog. I need to take some new ones of his chubby body that I love so much!!!!

So in the same post about my Chubby baby I thought id post Hailyns newest pictures. She has an obsession lately with playing "dance school" so she had picked out her own outfit (with help from Rylee) and was very proud of it, so we ran outside for 2 min and snapped a few pics. I thought they were so cute, cuz Hailyn is so dang cute, that I didn't even touch up or edit them at all. I need to register this child for dance class!!

My goal now is to get Rylee to let me take her picture so I actually have some to post of her..