Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas

I know I am the WORST blogger out there, so after over 3 months finally here is a new post. It seems like not much has changed yet so much has. Rylee is still as funny as can be, and WAY to smart! Im not just saying that because I am her mom, she really is one smart kid! and unfortunately she uses that to her advantage every chance she gets. We love her though. She is totally scared of Santa and when she sees him in the mall she runs the other direction.. She told me "one day when I am older I will sit on Santas lap, but not now". Im kinda thinking that 3 is old enough!
Hailyn is a super good baby and seriously always smiling. She follows Rylee around the house and wants to play with her. Its so fun watchng the two of them play, and she has also today decided that she can climb the stairs, little stinker! I thought id have a little while longer with those. Her new thing is to also say HI to everyone. There isnt anything better then waking up in the morning and having your baby look at you so excited and say "Hi". Our girls are so fun, we really are the luckiest ever to be blessed with the two of them.

sadly this was the best we got of the 4 of them

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

3 ?!?!?!

Im not to sure where the time has gone and how all of a sudden I can be sitting here and in 4 short days Rylee will be 3 and Hailyn will be 6 months. Im sure everyone else has to feel the same way I do thinking that as slow as some days may seem time really goes by way to fast!
In no way should my baby be 3, and not my baby anymore! But I couldnt be happier with my little family of 4, its been a super fun time so far and I really hope the next 3 years are as good as the last 3!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Complain Much??

Yes that is ME, i complain WAY to much and I really have just realized that this last week!! I am no longer able to stand heat ever since I had Rylee (one of the many "wonderful" ways my body changed after having a baby), I am HOT all the time so this almost 40+ weather we have been having for like a week straight isnt going over so well!! Living in a constant pool of sweat isnt what Id like to call enjoyable by any means. Rylee called my mom today and the first thing she said to her was "it's to hot in my house!!!" and even with the portable AC we bought it is TO HOT!!!!! why they build town houses here without built in AC is beyond me!! So I have pretty much been complaining all day long and yet my poor husband (who im complaning to) has to walk around outside all day long in the heat. Im thinking I need to find a new person to complain to....... ok or maybe just stop complaining!

Other than the heat things here have been great. I got a "wake-up" call the other day and its really been on my mind ever since, and realize that I need to really be way more appreciative of what I have and all of the blessings that I do have and just how great my life really is.
I truly have been taking complete advantage of what i've been given and all of the people that I do have in my life that are here to help me. I have an amazing husband who loves me (and i love back) and puts up with me even when im super grumpy and complaining constantly, my girls are the greatest two little girls ever they are both amazing and fit in so perfectly in their own way, and i have amazing parents and siblings that help out SO much, and I really do miss that during the summer, being able to have them to entertain me when im bored or just help with my girls when a bit of a break is needed! I realize being gone just how much I do take advantage of that and how badly i miss it!! And I have such great friends that im able to laugh with and be around and ones that I know no matter what happened would be there for me. I hope I am able to be all of those things back!
So i guess despite all of the complaining I do, I really do have a great life! There are so many things I want to work on and get better at and I know by doing so things will just get that much better!
my baby is seriously never mad, i get to see this cute happy face all day long!!!
i LOVE this picture of them!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 Days of Rylee & Paytin

So if anyone out there thinks they have really bad kids, then maybe think again!! or at least be greatful you dont have Rylee and Paytin! Its true they are both very sweet girls when they like to be, and if its just one or the other alone they can be bad but for the most part they are pretty enjoyable. BUT that all changes as soon as they are together!!!!! No one knows the wrath of Rylee and Paytin until you have been around them when they are together. Picture total disaster with fighting and screaming and crying, and if they arnt doing that and are being "good" or shall I say quiet, its really because they are off together doing something really really bad! Here are pictures of the 3 days of Rylee and Paytin, if only the pictures could of caught the stress they caused us while they were together!!!!


So this room was spotless when they went into it!!!! im not sure how the cereal boxes got opened but they figured it out......


After seeing the pictures I took I see that I didnt really do a good job of showing the deck off. They completely covered the screen with chalk after ripping the whole screen out, and then the house everything else on the deck was colored on.. Good thing its just chalk!!

This room never gets touched, that is until Paytin and Rylee go in it, like seriouly the mattress?!?!?!?!?
But these were just previews of how the house looked, with trying to keep up with the girls I wasnt able to take full pictures of the disaster area they created!!!!! And we were hoping they would get better with age, not worse!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Its about time!

So I figure its about time after 2 months for a new blog post! I never really know what to write and finding the time to just be able to sit down and type something always seems impossible. Right now Hailyn is in her swing and Rylee is pushing it so hard back and forth shes going to swing right out, maybe I should stop that!!

I thought life with 2 would be way harder than it really is! It sure helps that Hailyn is still an amazingly good baby that is just so calm and happy all day, except when it comes to eating. Every once in a while she decides that I need to stand and feed her or she gets upset, does that even make any sense?!?!? I will be holding her the exact same sitting as standing but to her I need to stand and she already chomps down, so as soon as teeth come in im thinking she may be done nursing!!
I have a feeling she may be a bit on the wild side when she is older, she loves to be bounced and threw up already, and laughs like crazy when you do it. I just cant seem to get enough of her lately though, it just really makes your day when you get to wake up to her laying there smiling at you!!

Rylee has been pretty good with her lately also, she keeps saying things to me like "when hailyn gets bigger were going to play toys" or do all sorts of things. She tries to play with her now and Hailyn loves it. I just see though Hailyn watching Rylee and I really hope she isnt sitting there taking in everything Rylee does and learn how to act from that!! Cuz as much as I do love Rylee she can be really bad when she wants to be!

She is on a singing kick lately, she has known her ABC's for a while now, and as we were drinving back to BC we heard it about 500 times, it was really driving me crazy!!! imagine listening to the alphabet sang over and over and over... not fun! she also learned Im So Glad When Daddy Comes Home (im not sure if that is the real name of it) but the primary song, so she sings that to Jordan alot. And thanks to the radio learned I kissed a girl, which is so wonderful for her to be singing all day long, we will be in the store and she will start singing as loud as she can "I kissed a girl and i liked it...." im trying to get her to at least change girl to boy!
Ive been trying really hard to be good and lose the lovely extra 60 pounds i have on my body. How depressing it is to have my container of clothes I wore before I got pregnant with Rylee, and now also my container I wore before I got pregnant with Hailyn!! Im wearing 6 sizes bigger than when I got pregnant with Rylee and it sucks!! Its hard to lose weight when I have a love addiction to food! But ive been trying to work out in the morning and to attempt to eat a bit better (but how i do love mcdonalds!!) Last month I was able to drop 9 lbs which was so nice, but then looking that I still haev 51 to go makes 9 look like nothing!!!!

As you can see not a whole lot is new with us here. BC is so pretty and im SO happy that this summer Stephanie Arcus is here also. Rylee loves playing with her boys and calls Aiden and Rylan her boyfriends. The 3 of them play so good together!! They can get in to trouble though, the other day they were upstairs being really good and quiet so when they came down Aidan and Rylan were completely covered with mascara, their face arms and legs were totally black, thanks so my daughter the make-up artist! So maybe in another 2 months or so I will post again, unless something super exciting comes up!!

its not hard to tell which hand is whos!! i have the whitest baby ever and chelseys baby, presley, looks part indian she is so nice and dark!! (i wish i was that color!!!)
Hailyn is 9 weeks older than Presley and they are the exact same size!! I seem to have a litte baby and Chelsey has the big one, you think it would have been thre other way around!!!!!

yes, my baby is super bald!! it's actually sad how bald she is

Rylee came up with the ending all on her own, she wanted to go to the park but I told her I wanted a video of her ABC's first, this was our best one out of 3 tries, hence her ending!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Way to Lucky!!

I LOVE my girls so much!! I dont know why we got SO lucky, but i've so far been able to have the two best babies ever! I thought with Rylee we had just got super lucky and wouldnt get that again, but I was proven wrong once Hailyn came. She couldnt be any happier and easy to have around plus she sleeps great. She is the perfect addition to our little family.

For the last 2 weeks she has been smiling and "talking" all the time and its so much fun! and to add to things being so good Rylee got over her little monster phase, and is back to my sweet little girl. Ok maybe not sweet all the time cuz after all she is 2 1/2 and has a little attitude, but she has been way better and such a big help. She loves her little sister even though she tells me at least every other day that "Hailyns yukie I dont like her" (she only ever says it after she gets in trouble for being to rough with Hailyn). But things are going great, we leave SO soon for Vancouver, I can not believe how fast time has gone by, im not ready to leave yet!