Friday, October 28, 2011

Kids Kids Kids

So I guess it is about time for a little update on our life here.. or well on my kids at least since thats all I talk about:

Rylee started Kindergarten, it was a month late since we were in Newfoundland but she is loving it and learning so much. She has actually taught me things about the moon I never knew... She is one smart little girl and not one bit a "girl" at all, she's so much into sports and nothing girly at all! She is SUCH a good helper with Brenner, she is easily the best big sister ever! She makes Brenner laugh more than anyone can, he loves Rylee and lights up when she comes around!!

Hailyn has multiple personalities, she is either Barbie, Rapunzel, Eva, Mom the list goes on and on.. She made a huge mess and when I asked her why she did that she replied with "It wasn't Hailyn, Eva did it" So she also blames her split personalities for the naughty things she does. She is so funny though, and definitely my little princess. She wakes up and needs her hair done, she wants pink eye shadow on her jewellery on and a princess dress on, and then she goes through out the day serenading us with her beautiful opera. Life definitely wouldn't be as exciting without Hailyn!

And then there is Brenner, oh Brenner how we love him SO much! I can not get enough of Brenner, he is the happiest baby ever and the cutest baby ever and my goodness typing about him makes me want to go wake him up and cuddle and kiss him. He is so big and I love every inch of his chubby body, he's definitely built just like all baby boys should be, nice and solid! Brenner has brought so much joy and love into our home, and our family needed a Brenner so bad and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. Brenner is a mini Rylee, he not only looks SO much like she did, but he hasn't stopped "talking" since he realized he could make noise. He will lay and blab on and on all day long, and I love it!

We have been blessed with 3 beautiful smart kids and after each one life just seems to have got that much more perfect. My house is never clean, never quiet but despite how crazy I feel at the end of every day, I wouldn't change anything!!