Friday, May 6, 2011


Yep! I'm huge.. which is soooo fun..

Being on the final stretch is pretty much the one thing that keeps me able to be up and going.. Oh ya, and the fact Jordan's gone and there are 2 little stinkers that still need a mom!

You hear all the time about super terrible pregnancies, and I always thought to myself "as if it could really be that bad"- well holy slap in the face i'm getting and a huge reality check that yup it is possible to have 2 amazing pregnancies and then the 3rd that is completely different and horrible from the start to finish. Maybe its my bodies way of saying, 3 is enough!! Cuz at this rate, thats all my body will be having to deal with, I couldn't imagine having to do this all over again one day.

Clearly the timing was NOT ideal, I never ever ever ever (how about one more?) EVER would have planned on having a baby the middle of June with the job Jordan has, yet apparently all I have to do is think "maybe we should have another baby one day" and the next month, surprise I get one now!

Don't get me wrong, I am now very excited for this little guy, a boy seems like a whole new adventure, and almost like having your "first" all over again after having 2 girls. With all of the problems he is already causing me I have a feeling a boy is going to be lots of work!
The sleepless nights, the doctor telling me to go on "bed rest" because of the terrible cramping and contractions, the inability to literally get out of bed in the middle of the night when i'm being called I know is very soon going to be all over and all very worth it! Thats my way to try and stay positive right now when i'm here and Jordan's gone, it will all be over soon and our little family of 4 will soon be 5 and we couldn't be more excited!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This is what my "belly" pictures look like when my 4 year old takes them for me.. 
But hooray, 33.5 weeks.. not to many weeks left! 

THANK YOU everyone who took the time to leave their input and advice on my last post. I guess all along I never really did clue into what a big decision it was, so all of the different opinions really did help! From talking to people and reading comments it really is being done WAY more than my doctor planted in my head. There is a ton of boys still getting it done, and quite a few parents choosing not to. So it is less stressful knowing that regardless of the decision it will be the right one, since both options are technically the right one, and neither is wrong!  I really do though appreciate the time everyone took to comment on here, or on my FB or even to message me personally about it. Having the input from people I know and trust always helps when making decisions! I still am not 100% sure, and i'm just thankful that I have a few more weeks to decide.. or well make JORDAN decide!! because that is the best decision I can make- to let this baby's daddy decide what to do with his boy parts! 

I just thought everyone should know that last night Hailyn told me the baby in her tummy is getting big, so things with her "baby" are going great and she's still feeling good. Although last night she also told me she couldn't find it and she was feeling her tummy looking for it.. Hopefully she realizes soon there isn't a baby in there, and isn't to confused when mine comes out and hers doesn't! But Hailyn also thinks she is a cat and crawls around "meowing" more than anything.. So maybe I just have a strange child?

She also found Jordans City of Calgary License and carries it around with her telling me all the time "Thats Hailyns Daddy"- I guess thats her way of showing she misses him 

And then there is Rylee... Oh what do we say about Rylee... Maybe the ...'s say it all?!?
 She's emotional,  moody, messy, and thinks it's her job to discipline Hailyn, but all in all she's still a great 4 year old that has been helping me a lot lately. She's had a few crying spells (mostly at night) for her daddy and needs him to come home. But talking to him a few times a day on Facetime has been helping a lot with that. She's going to be a BIG helper when this baby comes. For being as little as she is she actually is really good with babies and loves them!! And after all this is "her" baby boy in my tummy
It's not fun not having Jordan around, but were trying our best to keep as busy as my body will possibly allow right now and do what we can to make the time go by fast!