Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Babies!!

I've decided that I seriously have the funniest little girl ever, I could just think that being her mom, but shes way to smart and uses it any chance she gets!

The words she understands and says in sentences are so funny, and the greatest part is that they make sense! Her new fav words are "actually" and "probably". We were at the Doctor yesterday and as he was trying to find the babies heart beat, Rylee asked "what you doing mom" so I told her the Doctor was trying to find the babies heart beat and she says "baby is probably sleeping", or last night I told her I was going up to have a bath and Rylee replies with "actually rylee having bath too", or I had the phone to make a phone call and once again she asked what I was doing and after I told her she said "actually Rylee calling grandma" and takes the other phone. It's always nice to be put in your place by a 2 year old!!

I just wish I had my video camera rolling 24/7 so I could catch all of the things she says for her to see when she is older. She just says things that I didnt know she even knew what they meant or how to use them in a sentence, its scary how much they watch every move you make and have to copy everything you do, I have to stop sometimes and catch my self to re-word what im going to say or do knowing she is watching and bound to copy every little word or move.

Rylee now seems to think that there is a baby in her tummy and the other day I picked her up and had my arm around her stomach and she told me "gentle, hurting rylees baby", I must be telling her to be gentle around my tummy a little to much, but hey, at least she understands. Last night she ran up to me all concerned and said "Rylee have problem, dada yuckie!" and dada turned out to be yuckie because he told her he was going to put her to bed last night, not me. She loves her dada all day long, just when it comes to nap or bed time it has to always be me, although i guess the bonus is that it helps me have an excuse to nap = )

I posted a picture of the baby at 9 weeks and it looked exactly like a little bean, its crazy how much they grow in just 11 weeks! The sad part is we still dont know if the baby is a boy or girl, I was super bummed out. But the good news is evertying is measuring up great and things look great with the baby. Its crazy how different this baby is than Rylee was already. At this point Rylee kicked and moved all the time, this one barely moves and when it does it sure kicks hard! I just saves all of its energy up to give me a few good hard kicks and then its done. Im pretty sure were going to go to Ultrasound Preview and get to know 100% what were having, I like being prepared so I really want to find out!! This is my belly at 25 weeks with Rylee

This is my belly at 18 weeks with this one

it's already so much bigger!

Im just really wanting to see how different the two of them are going to be. I think we may have got super lucky with Rylee and now are going to get to experience a baby that is alot of work! But were now over half way there, 19 weeks leff! Horray!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy to be Home!

After a long summer it is SO nice to finally be back home!!!

I havent done a whole lot since coming back home, i've had to spend way to much time going through all of the stuff we had left in the basement, and i've came to the conclusion we have WAY to much stuff and I already need a bigger house!! I never knew baby stuff would take up so much room, or maybe its the bins and bins of baby clothes, lets hope the next one is a girl too so all of these clothes dont go to waste!! But our basement suite is SO close to being done, and as soon as I can sort through and empty all of my junk out of there the sooner it will be completed and ready to rent! If anyone knows someone who wants to rent a 1 br suite in airdire let me know!!!
We did though have Rylee's birthday party which was lots of fun. Rylee was excited all week for her party and would tell us that "saturday happy birthder party" and no i didnt spell it wrong that is how she says birthday, even though she can say both birth and day. There isnt a whole lot you can do at a 2yr olds birthday party, but the kids played and we ate food and had a fun time.
Rylee got so many cute presents she was definitely spoiled, thank you to those who came, it was great seeing everyone, and it was lots of fun to get to see the incredibly cute babies again (Olivia and Georgia)

From this picture im thinking Rylee and Jared look alot alike! = )

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Newest Addition

So heres a picture of our little peanut, you cant even make out that it is a baby if they hadnt pointed out to me where it was on the screen I probably never would have guessed, but its in there! It was nice being able to see it's little heart beating, it's so tiny, and JUST ONE! so the reason I am so huge already I guess I can no longer blame on the baby! But this time around things feel completely different, and I really do think that it is a little boy, I will be super suprised if at our nexst ultrasound they tell me it is another girl.

We've had a fun time back home for the last 2 weeks, I got to FINALLY see Georgia and Olivia which was so exciting, and then Rylee has just had to much fun playing, she is going to be so sad when we go back to Indianapolis on Sunday. Time has just seemed to go by way faster here then back there! Its a little weird being back here though and not able to go home to my own house, but soon enough we will be back in our home. We drove over to our house to check out the work in the back and as we were passing the main turn off by a school to get to our house Rylee got all excited and said over and over "Rylees House, Rylees House", I was so suprised that she even remembered it yet alone how to get there! Rylee has also informed everyone here about Briggs, and told everyone that she kisses Briggs and he is cute. If she is starting this already i'm not to excited for how she will be when she is older!

And I thought the storms in Indy were bad!! Its hard to see in this little picture but it was hailing so bad it looked like the ground was covered with snow when it was done

So I thought it would be nice to take a couple cute pictures of me and Rylee, and she wouldnt get her finger out of her nose for them! So what the heck, it was a cuter picture matching then me smiling and Rylee picking her nose = ) Plus she thought it was really funny and then finally smiled.

Dallon is now gone on his mission to Argentina, so this was our last family picture with Jordans side of the family for a few years.

The only way to get Rylee to smile in this picture was to throw rocks at Jadyn before she took the picture, she was being such a stinker!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Horray for baby #2! Things definitely feel alot different from the last two times, so im taking it as a good sign that things will continue to go good. Im only on my 7th week and already am the same size I was when I was around 20 weeks with Rylee, how crazy is that? But im super sick the last few days which I wasnt not at all with Rylee, so pretty much im guessing this is our little red haired boy growing!
Rylee has been a bit out of control lately, any chance she gets she runs away as fast as she can in any direction but the one she is suposed to go. She refuses to sit in the cart so shopping has turned from being fun to way to much work. So my good little girl has decided to turn bad. Lets just hope its a little phase and soon it passes because I am way to tired to chase her around all day long! So as long as we are at home there isnt any problems and shes really good, which makes for long boring days! She is just way to smart, and uses it against us any chance she gets!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not a Great Week!!

Since out Lap Top broke and we had to send it away, I am stuck without a computer for anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, my camera has way to many pictures on it and i need to put them on the computer, I dont know how its going to last!! I guess I have to stop taking pictures.
So I am stuck with no computer and also somehow popped out my rib and im stuck not being able to really move at all, I can honestly say that I have never been in this much pain, and there is nothing I can even take to help with the pain. The 2 visits at the chiropractor have yet to be helpful and cause more pain than i would like. So I am really hoping soon I am able to move, it is hard being alone all day with Rylee not able to do much.

And then today to top everything off I find out that an aftergrad party is being held at MY house, I bet you all could guess that I am more than upset about that, and the fact that my house would even be considered let alone used!!!! All of our stuff was left in our house, and I am so worried about everything. I guess in the end im more worried than mad, i mean buying the house was a huge thing, and i love it i jut dont want anyting to happen to our stuff or our house.
** So as it turns out like only around 6 kids went and played the wii, i was told around 20 were going to probably be going. Ghee i wish i had been told the right thing to begin with, it would have saved alot of stressing out for nothing.**

So Im sure everyone can now tell that I havent had the greatest week so far, and theres not a whole lot that could make it any worse, so lets just hope things get better!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waiting Patiently........

Rylee has now been asleep for 3 hours so I decided to go in and wake her up, normally she gets all excited and wakes up but this time it wasnt the case, she wasnt to impressed and went right back to sleep after wanting me to leave! So since im super bored I decided to add a few more pictures to our blog as I wait patiently for my sleepy daughter to wake up!
We have so far had a fun laid back week, we have spent alot of time at the pool letting Rylee swim and play with the other kids here. She loves Briggs and asks for him all day long, the two of them play so cute together! I just finished the book I was reading, The Host, and now im back wondering what to do wtih my time! But enjoy the pictures, I take WAY to many lately, but I swear out of every 20 pictures I take I get one good one! I guess thats what happens when Im trying to take pictures of Rylee at the pool!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Terre Haute

Jordan is selling quite a ways away the last few weeks, so this week we decided to go with him friday night and stay the night in Terre Haute with him. It was nice to not have to sit alone with the horrible storm that once again passed through here. So instead of sitting in our appartment all day watching dora over and over again we went to the holiday inn and played in the pool. Rylee had so much fun swimming in the pool, the whole time she was floating (by herself with her water wings) she had to remind me over and over and she was "brave" for doing what she was doing, the little girls in the pool thought it was really funny.

Rylee has quite the cute little personality though, sometimes getting more to the "sassy" side, but its fun to watch how she is changing, and how much her little brain remembers! Her obession with her bottle has got out of control and one of these days im going to have to be "mean" and take it away, im stalling with that because I dont want to have to deal with how sad she is going to be!
Since the 4th"twilight" book isnt out yet (which I can not wait for!) I have decided to start reading the Host by Stephanie Meyer, after the first 3 chapters I felt like the dumbest person ever because I could not undersand at all what was going on, it was super confusing!! But now im almost half way through and its really good!!! It all made sense, and so far id definitely recommend it to everyone!
But thats about all that is new with us, Jordan is doing an awesome job selling and working really hard, we barely see him at all, hes gone from noon to midnight every day the last 2 weeks and then when he is here he is on the phone with one of his guys, but things are going great there and it seems like everyone is really catching on to how it works really well, which is so good to see!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Living in Indinapolis

So after alot of sitting around with nothing to do i've decided to take a chance with this whole "blog" thing. Im still unsure how it all works, so if my blog looks horrible dont judge me yet!

Since coming to indianapolis weve had quite the time with the weather! Almost every other night we get s storm unlike I have ever seen or heard before. Im not quite loving being stuck on the top floor of an appartment building with all of the tornado watches we've had so far. I'm waiting for the sun so me and my pasty daughter can play at the pool and get some color on our skin!

This summer is so much better than the last. There are other wifes to interact with as well as alot of kids for Rylee to play with, or as you see here, cuddle up in bed with and watch movies with JD and Briggs. Since we have way more time on our hands down here, we have decided to start the whole potty training thing! Rylee is doing awesome at it and tells me when she has to go, and after she goes she is so proud of herself that we all have to look in the potty to see what she has done! Just the image we all love to see!!!

Since Rylee is no longer able to see Paytin every day, she has decided to name her baby Paytin. She has to take this baby with us almost every where we go, and insists we take it on walks in her baby stroller. Which would be fine if i didnt have to carry Rylee, the stroller and "Paytin" all the way home cuz Rylee decides that her stroller is to "heavy" to push, as she says.

Rylee and Jordan all ready for Church!

We went for the first time this week and Rylee was so busy, no wait busy doesnt describe it she was just bad and she was so bad that I dont think I was able to get one thing out of actually being there. Every 10 mins she insisted she had to go "potty" so we would hurry to the bathroom, but the potty was to big and she was scared so she just held it, until the urge came back again and we had do to the same thing over and over again! I think she may be smarter than I give her credit for and she just kept saying it to get out in the hall. Hey, at least she looked very cute!

But all in all its been alot of fun since coming here. Rylee (besides at church) is a super good girl, and would sit and watch Dora all day long if I let her. She is just way to smart and suprises me almost every day with something new that she knows or a new sentence that she says. The summer is already almost half done! so pretty soon I will get to come back and see the new babies that i've missed being born (so sad!), but congratulations Caitlin and Meaghan, Georgia is absolutely beautiful and I havent seen Olivia yet, but I can bet she is just as beautiful as can be!