Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Sweet (Summer) Home

We've moved to Saskatoon for the summer and I'm not going to lie I was not excited about this summer at all.. Summers are getting less and less exciting as the kids get older, having to pack them up away from everyone back home and move to a new place where we know no one. This summer especially when no other guys in the office are married at all with kids. So it's me and the girls..
Rylee had a pretty hard time adjusting at first, the house here was called the "yuckie house" and all I heard non stop how she missed grandma, grandpa, paytin and her "Airdrie House". As the days passed Rylee no longer says any of that and she has warmed up to the idea of being gone. That may all change when her new friend Lily moves away on sunday.. poor girl I hope I can find a new friend her age, she really needs that kid interaction during the week, and I need it for my sanity also!!!
Saskatoon is much prettier than I had thought, there are TONS of trees. The old streets are arched with trees all the way down with old houses that are old but beautiful. The schools around our home are so old and designed un-like you see today, they look like they are straight out of a movie.

One day I will post pictures of out summer home, but for now a piece of our back yard will have to do. I am SO thankful for all of the hard work Jordan is doing. Our summer may seem long yet giving up our summer allows us to live more comfortably than we need to, and I feel I take advantage of that far to much. Jordan is gone all day working and gives up much more than I do (yet i'm the one complaining). But I am thankful for him, and thankful for the 4 months he gives up everything and works as hard as he possibly can. Even more so I love that we have the next 8 months where we can do whatever we please. Im definitely spoiled, and very thankful!