Saturday, April 24, 2010

All About my BABY!!

So this post is ALL about my Baby

Time sure is going by FAR to fast, and my little newborn is no longer my tiny baby. She still is tiny, but has so much personality and I just LOVE her to pieces! I swear during the day I just can not get enough of her. I could sit and watch the funny things she does all day long!!!

She is goofy, sweet, amazing and perfect in SO many ways

Hailyn is starting to talk more, she now says, mom, dad, hi, Rylee (eye-yeee), puppy, baby, bye, daisy, uhoh, her blanket is ba-ba, her bottle is a ba, and a bath is also a ba but she says the "ba's" different for each thing, and she says Hat and Hot

SO we are slowly getting better!! she understands everything you say to her, and she wants to do everything rylee does!

Her newest things she loves is to throw her diaper in the garbage after it's changed, she wants to draw, she loves books and sits thinking she is reading them. Shes obsessed with shoes and bows for her hair. She will only drink milk if it has chocolate syurp in it, and already goes crazy when she sees chocolate. She is a true girl in everyway and even more so she is absolutely perfect the way she is!

She is a tiny thing with a HUGE perfect personality and I will forever be greatful we were blessed to have her added to our family. She is the perfect addition and couldnt fit in any better than she does.