Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best Shoot Ever!!! Caitlin, Jordan & the Girls!!

This shoot was SO fun! not only because of the people in it, but because of what it means. I can honestly say I have never been so excited for anyone as much as I am for Caitlin, Jordan and the girls!! There are somewhere around 100 pictures from earlier that I love, so literally I had to just randomly pick some, and I know there are lots posted, but I just love way to many of them!! 
Caitlin and Jordan make such a beautiful couple, not to mention such a perfect family. Even though I posted quite a few pictures, this literally is just a sneak peak.. 
** and I totally had went into my "Captured Memories" blog and thought I had posted this on there until I just finished and realized i'd signed in with the wrong e-mail.. whoopsie** 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goofy Girl!

So what turned out as being a photo shoot meant for Rylee today ended up being ALL about Hailyn!
Hailyn stepped in and stole the show today at my mini shoot we did.. So since the pictures are all about Hailyn once again my post will be all about Hailyn.

My big 2 year old is SO wonderful!! It's wonderful having a potty trained child, especially since it required zero effort from me. HORRAY for no more diapers!! I'm amazed every single day (which I shouldn't be with how Rylee was) at the full sentences she will say and the combination of words she puts together. She really does speak amazing, and I love it! Not only speak, but SING! she loves to sing!! She knows so many songs, and is so incredibly cute when she sings because it's so serious to her.

All in all, I couldn't of got a better 2 year old, she brightens my day and it's really hard to be grumpy around her.

Next post will be about Rylee.. if only I could convince her to let me try for longer than 10 seconds to get a picture of her before she runs off.  So that will be my personal challenge!!!