Monday, March 22, 2010

I LOVE Weddings!!!

On March 19, 2010 Jordans brother Adam married Sheryll an amazing girl!! I was honored they asked me to be their photographer, i've never took wedding pictures before so I was kind of nervous, but they were perfect models! I had SO much fun, and I realize how much I LOVE taking pictures!! Keep in mind this is my first attempt at shooting a wedding..

But im so happy for the new couple, they make such a perfect match!! I took over 300 pictures, so here are just a few..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Who Knew?!?

It is amazing to me how fast time goes by, and who knew that before I feel like I even blinked my baby turned 1!! It has been such an amazing and super fun last year, and Hailyn couldnt have been a more perfect fit for our little family of 4.

She is SO much fun, and easly the happiest baby ever, and as i type this I can hear her on the monitor laughing shaking her play pen back and forth... break time.. i better go get her

I have had it way to easy with her so far, by far the easiest labor ever, i dont think 2 hours even counts as true labor compared to other peoples experiences, and right after feeling amazing like i didnt even have a baby, (which apparently isnt even fair).

But she has been so easy, and i cant say it enough how incredibly happy and smiley she is. It is so weird to me how different my two girls can be. Rylee was just SO much "older" than Hailyn at this point, she was talking like crazy and walking and bigger.. Hailyn is just so tiny and says her few words, other than that she points at what she wants and makes her little noise to get it, she can walk but wont, shes a stinker but in a good way! I really just cant get enough of her, she is goofy and makes my day.

The other day in the tub Rylee was telling me a story and Hailyn wanted my attention on her so the whole time Rylee was talking she was going "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom..." and when Id have Rylee pause her story so i could stop and pay attention to Hailyn she would just smile and laugh and splash the water thinking she was so funny, and then as soon as Rylee started talking again Hailyn started in on the "mom, mom, mom, mom..." it was so funny. She already gets jealous and needs attention all on her.. I can already see the drama that will happen with my 2 girls, they love eachother and already fight over toys, and its just going to get worse. I do love watching them play, they play all day long and its so exciting to watch. "Mother Rylee" takes pretty good care of Hailyn for the most part!