Monday, November 4, 2013

Brylin Lily - Delivery Story

I fell out of the "Blogger" world forever ago, but then I figured I needed to take the time to sit and write down Brylins delivery story since I have the other 3 kids wrote down. This way I will at least have it to come back to one day (not like I will ever forget!)
Brylin wanted to compete with Brenner and apparently wanted to win for the most dramatic entry into the world, and well she won by a ton!

It all started Oct 24, 2013 when my body was having some contractions, they were every 2-3 mins apart, but nothing serious or sore so I just kept ignoring them-- most people would think that was crazy except for the fact that from about 30 weeks on I had contractions all the time with her. Anyway they kept coming and I kept ignoring and then around 5:30 I had this super strong feeling I needed to get to the hospital. So we packed up the kids, took them to my parents house and off we went.

When we got there they hooked me up to the heart monitor and her little heart beat was all over the place, super high down to super low and it was so stressful. They broke my water so they could stick the heart monitor on her head in hopes that they would be able to get a more accurate reading, which never happened.. One strange event after another just happened. Normally after my water breaks my babies literally fall out. With the girls when my water broke they were out within the hour, Brenner his water broke as his head was coming out, but with her they broke my water and my body didn't want to dilate. It was going slow, and her heart beat was getting slower and not coming back up. After 4 mins straight of it going down and not up they were panicking and instantly rushing me off to the operating room to do a c-section. It was so rushed, I remember mass nurses and doctors and Jordan asking me if I was ok, and me saying no. It was so scary. My babies heart beat was dropping and the thought of being cut open was so scary.

Before they had decided c-section they tried 3 times to put an epidural in my back, which didn't work. So because of that they had to put me completely under. (another odd event, which made them not able to do a spinal but I had to be put right out) I remember this super tight mask on my face which was making me start to panic because I couldn't breathe and then a horrible burning in my throat and then I was out.

I woke up seeing Jordan, my mom, Marie my sister and Adam - I had no clue what had happened, I was so out of it I had no clue what was going on. I heard parts of the story but nothing phased me until the next day when I was explained again what had happened. I remember Adam and Jordan giving me a blessing but I don't remember one word that was said in it.

After coming with it, I was told that I had really been out for 3 or 4 hours, and during the c-section my uterus tore down pretty bad in the opposite direction and I was bleeding pretty bad and they had a hard time stopping the bleeding to be able to stitch me up. They had to give me (i think it was) 3 bags of blood in the operating room. But luckily they stopped the bleeding and were able to stitch me up and left this horrible drain tube hanging out of my stomach (sickest feeling was having that tube ripped out.. it makes me cringe thinking of it now).  I was told after it just so happened that the best doctors and residents and nurses were all on that night- so thankful for that!!

So it turns out my princess had a super tight knot in her cord making her heart drop as bad as it was. They tested the blood in her cord after she came out and said there was next to no oxygen left in her blood and if she hadn't came when she did there was a very high chance shed of been a still born baby. She was born October 24, 2013 at 8:43pm and was 6 lbs  1 ounce and 19 1/4 inches long.

Someone (well we all know who) was definitely watching over me and my baby that day. The events that were odd just all added up to make sure she came how she did so she was able to live. My body always dilates fast, If it had and I had tried pushing her out who knows what would have happened to her. I don't even like to think of the thought that this perfect angel could not be here today.

Recovering hasn't been so super awesome. Man c-sections suck! thats all I can say. Getting up and attempting to walk after being out and in bed for a couple days was horrible, so dizzy and man so hard to walk. I still am so sore, my lower back feels like it will never recover, my tail bone is literally numb and aches from the hospital bed and my mass mass mass MASS headaches make it impossible to function. Funny how the things that hurt the most are not even my stomach... BUT of course that isn't awesome to have that there.

While in the recovering area of the hospital I did have to get another 3 bags of blood put into me as my red blood cell count was way to low.  They gave me one bag and after doing the blood tests my levels were still super low. My brother in law Brock came in to the hospital after that news so him and Jordan could give me another blessing. I sat holding my baby crying as they laid their hands on my head and gave me a blessing. It was so comforting to hear that everything was going to be ok, because at that point it didn't feel that way at all. It felt like everything was falling apart, and nothing was going in the right direction. But the words of my blessing were instant comfort and the knowledge that my body would heal was exactly the words I needed to hear. They gave me 2 more bags of blood packed full of red blood cells which my body really needed since my red blood cell count was so incredibly low.

Finally when they got a reading of 88 (apparently my normal is around 130) they let me go home. I am SO thankful for the people who took time to donate blood!! I cant just say a general thank you enough for those who take time to donate blood. Without it I probably wouldn't be here.

BUT after all that complaining  it was all worth it, its all worth every pain, trial and experience to have my baby here. My baby who is currently laying on my chest sleeping so peacefully who I love so very much.

Every day is going to be better than the next. Its a horrible struggle not being able to do much at all, no lifting no being able to help out like normal. Worst of all for me is not being able to carry and hold and lift Brenner. I'm having just as hard of a time with that as he is. I want him to not feel abandoned because of the baby, I want so badly to be able to lift him into his bed and put him to sleep or hold him when he's sad. It makes me so sad even typing this that i've had to stop doing that.

Jordan has became mommy and daddy and been doing everything since we got home. He's been so amazing and I am so thankful for the support and hard work he does every day. I couldn't have pulled through without him, I love him so much.

We are so blessed to have the final addition now in our family. What a perfect way to end off the amount of kids we are having, Brylin is perfect and man she's cute!!!! She has such a sweet spirit and her little body must be working really hard at finishing growing since she seriously sleeps all day long. The kids all love her so much, she is just definitely loved mass amounts by everyone.

My family has been shown so much love, service and compassion this last week its been unreal. We have had a meal every night since coming home from the hospital and mass amounts of help from family. Brenner thinks he should move in with my mom and asks every day to go to my parents house so he can be with my mom all day long. I think he's decided he should live with her not me right now.
But we are so so thankful for all of the help and love we have been given during this trying time. Its been hard and a great trial to remember what is important in life, and to remember we are never alone and we are always being cared for and watched out for.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Let's See...

Hmm.. Im tempted not to write this all out, since the last few times i've tried i've just got notifications from blogger saying I needed to pay if I want to upload more pictures and post more posts.. super odd!!

ANYWAY-- Since its been months and months and well months clearly a TON has happened, we moved to Edmonton, we are back in Airdrie, We built a house which will be done in 5 sleeps!! Our new house is everything I ever wanted in a home, its perfect and I cant wait to move in.
Also we lost a baby at 15 weeks which definitely wasn't an ideal situation, and yet were all still here and pushing through our crazy lives. I've been taking lots of pictures, and I get to take school photos this year for a school here in Airdrie, I am so excited to do that, and Im excited that school photos this year will not be the same old boring photos that parents typically get!!
My 3 kids are still as absolutely amazing as ever- Rylee is in grade 1 and doing amazing in it, she's been put into the group with the few grade 2 kids in the class because she is able to catch on to everything so quickly, she's a smart little girl!
Hailyn is in Pre-School and surprisingly loves it, she's a little sassy thing and of course the princess of the house still
And then My baby Brenner is getting to be such a big boy, and im still completely obsessed with him. He's so good, and so entertaining!
I have so much to be thankful for, and life is busy and great!

                                                 Brenner loves to give parker Kisses!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


My beautiful amazing perfect baby will be ONE on June 9th!!!! Unfortunately we are unable to celebrate right on his birthday since Jordan is gone to Edmonton working, so June 10th is the Day- I figure since 1st birthday parties are pretty much family dinners that sunday was ok.. 

BUT It's been an amazing year so far! I cant wait for the many years to come, Brenner is awesome!!
this is his invitation-- with the address blocked out, cuz ya never know! ; ) 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

About Time!

I am a horrible Blogger! I guess since with the world of Facebook, blogging seems to just be a repeat of everything on there. Still I have become so horrible with writing down my kids accomplishments- I need my blog to have the "paper trail" of it all.

We will start with the naughtiest and work our way down:
Rylee is almost done Kindergarden and she LOVES it, she is one smart girl- almost to smart for her own good. She loves learning, and figuring new things out. She also has started reading and can write a whole bunch of words on her own, plus she loves math and is so good at figuring it all out. 
She is now in Sports Class, which she also loves. Rylee is my boy in a girls body! Her newest love is the Avengers & Captain America- she is having an Avengers themed birthday party this year, she's so excited for it too. 

Hailyn is still my sweet sweet princess! It is next to impossible to get her out of the house without a dress or skirt on with her high heels on also. 
She is so good, and lives in her own little "la la" land most of the day. She has learned how to write her own name now, and she is pretty proud of it! 
We still get serenaded with her beautiful opera. 

And then there is Baby Brenner. Who will always be my baby, even though he is such a big boy already. I cant even believe that the last year is almost over, and in just a few weeks by beautiful baby boy will already be 1. 
Brenner is still as amazing as ever. He's so happy, and smart and I can not get enough of him. He has the most ridiculous teeth! His 2 bottom ones, and then this two top ones- not the middle ones, but the ones on the side. It makes him look like a vampire- but hey, after all vampires are pretty dang cute!

Brenner is one busy busy boy!! He also has a list of words he says, but only when he wants to, I cant tell him to say a word and have him repeat it. He says though: Mom, Dad, Hi (he says that one to everyone) Daisy, Baby, more, up and of course pop -- some of them are not always pronounced perfectly BUT he knows what they mean and says them at the right time. Except every dog or animal (like today with the sea lions) but every animal is "Daisy" 

He sits and examines things and tries to put things back together. He goes where the cups and lids are and tries to match up and put the lids on the cups, or tries to put his shoes back on after they go off ect.. and he sits and tries to colour already- which may be bad for my walls! 

Brenner is the cutest ever, I have yet to go out with him and not have some lady stop to tell me how adorable he is and how they love his big blue eyes. 

We cant get enough of Brenner. He has 3 moms in this house, especially Rylee who helps out SO much and takes great care of him. 

There is the short and sweet update on my wonderful children who I love so much! Life is perfect because of my family, my husband and my kids and I couldn't be happier! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Final Event

And now onto the final birthday event:

It was a super fun birthday, and the decorations were so cute! the pictures just really don't do justice how pink and "princessie" <--- not a real word.... BUT how cute the main floor was decorated. Tissue pom poms, banners, "princess" balloons, diamonds, flowers ect.. covered the main floor. Hailyn loved it, which made it all worth while! ---am I the only one that LOVES kids birthdays?? Seriously how fun is it to throw your kids birthday parties? they feel so special, and the day is all about them, PLUS we get the fun job of arranging and throwing a party, I really do love it, and I know I will love it more and more as they get even older and we can expand what we are able to do. But back to her party..

Hailyn got to pick who she wanted to come to her party, a couple of the girls were not able to come (we missed you Georgia, Brooklyn and Talia!!) But luckily Presley, Paytin, Cosette, Khloe, Brittyn (we'd really like to keep Brittyn, she's such a great help!) and of course Rylee were able to come and celebrate Hailyns special day.

We started off the day by having mini manicures, Brittyn helped me out and painted all of the girls fingernails with super sparkly nail polish, then after they were all dry we decorated princess crown sugar cookies with pink icing (which really was delicious) and sprinkles, m&m's and nerds, sprinkles were all over the main floor but I wouldn't expect anything less!!

After cookies were all beautiful we had bbq'd hot dogs, chips and sparkling princess juice in princess cups. Lunch was delicious (as delicious as hot dogs and chips can be) and then we opened presents-- Hailyn got super spoiled again and got wonderful presents (thanks everyone!). Presents were opened and then Happy Birthday was sang and candles were blew out.  The girls were sent home with giant Tangled colouring books as a thank you for sharing Hailyns special day.

It was such a fun time, giving Hailyn a special day was so much fun and I know she loved it! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Royal Event

The first royal event has come to an end. It was quite an eventful day, a day fit for a princess. Princess Hailyn sure got the treatment, and I wouldn't have it any other way- nor would she!!

 We started the day off with delicious pink princess crown pancakes, with apple juice served in what we like to call "princess" cups

 Followed by the spectacular birthday bubble balloon bath! A tub full of balloons and bubbles, it sure doesn't get much better than that!!
 All dressed up for her birthday, it didn't last long, of course what would a royal event be without wearing a princess dress.. (i thought id try getting the birthday shirt on her!)
 no thats not editing, she had make-up on
 And then the dress.. What a perfect choice of outfit for bowling!

And then luckily after bowling I convinced the princess to put back on her other outfit for our dinner trip to McDonalds, followed by cake with everyone that could make it.

It was a perfect day for Hailyn, she woke up and was SO excited it was her birthday, and we did everything we could to make it a special day. She got super spoiled with tons of presents from my parents- i'm pretty sure I didn't need to buy her anything and she wouldn't have even noticed! But we did of course get her gifts, and tomorrow she will spend the day busy opening boxes and playing with everything. My princess was so tired after a long day she was asleep as soon as her royal head hit her pillow.

Hailyn is such a joy to have in our home, she is goofy, silly, sassy, smart, kind, helpful, beautiful, sweet and all in all just perfect. Happy 3rd birthday princess, although she says she is 5, she is my little girl and there is no way i'm going to let her grow up as fast as she would like!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Royal Party

It is almost my princesses 3rd birthday! Although she will say she is already 5 (apparently she was able to somehow skip a few years!) We did a fun little shoot for her invitations, I let her pick out whatever she wanted to wear-- no surprise what she picked!
Hailyn is so smart and so silly, she seriously says the funniest things all the time. She also has a little attitude on her, which makes her even more of a princess!! She loves to sing opera at the top of her lungs, and have her hair, make-up, and nails done. She loves jewellery, dresses, high heels and well everything girly!! She is such a great little girl, and we enjoy every min of her!!

she calls this one her "laughing picture"

this one is her "turning around smiling picture"

and haha she calls this one her "sweet smiling picture"

and here is the invite, minus our address.. 
Hailyn will be having (of course) a princess pampering party, where her little friends will come and be pampered for the afternoon and get the royal princess treatment! Its going to be a fun time!!  Were not 100% sure if it will be the 11th or 18th, but one of them it will be since her birthday is the 15th.