Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Royal Event

The first royal event has come to an end. It was quite an eventful day, a day fit for a princess. Princess Hailyn sure got the treatment, and I wouldn't have it any other way- nor would she!!

 We started the day off with delicious pink princess crown pancakes, with apple juice served in what we like to call "princess" cups

 Followed by the spectacular birthday bubble balloon bath! A tub full of balloons and bubbles, it sure doesn't get much better than that!!
 All dressed up for her birthday, it didn't last long, of course what would a royal event be without wearing a princess dress.. (i thought id try getting the birthday shirt on her!)
 no thats not editing, she had make-up on
 And then the dress.. What a perfect choice of outfit for bowling!

And then luckily after bowling I convinced the princess to put back on her other outfit for our dinner trip to McDonalds, followed by cake with everyone that could make it.

It was a perfect day for Hailyn, she woke up and was SO excited it was her birthday, and we did everything we could to make it a special day. She got super spoiled with tons of presents from my parents- i'm pretty sure I didn't need to buy her anything and she wouldn't have even noticed! But we did of course get her gifts, and tomorrow she will spend the day busy opening boxes and playing with everything. My princess was so tired after a long day she was asleep as soon as her royal head hit her pillow.

Hailyn is such a joy to have in our home, she is goofy, silly, sassy, smart, kind, helpful, beautiful, sweet and all in all just perfect. Happy 3rd birthday princess, although she says she is 5, she is my little girl and there is no way i'm going to let her grow up as fast as she would like!!

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