Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Final Event

And now onto the final birthday event:

It was a super fun birthday, and the decorations were so cute! the pictures just really don't do justice how pink and "princessie" <--- not a real word.... BUT how cute the main floor was decorated. Tissue pom poms, banners, "princess" balloons, diamonds, flowers ect.. covered the main floor. Hailyn loved it, which made it all worth while! ---am I the only one that LOVES kids birthdays?? Seriously how fun is it to throw your kids birthday parties? they feel so special, and the day is all about them, PLUS we get the fun job of arranging and throwing a party, I really do love it, and I know I will love it more and more as they get even older and we can expand what we are able to do. But back to her party..

Hailyn got to pick who she wanted to come to her party, a couple of the girls were not able to come (we missed you Georgia, Brooklyn and Talia!!) But luckily Presley, Paytin, Cosette, Khloe, Brittyn (we'd really like to keep Brittyn, she's such a great help!) and of course Rylee were able to come and celebrate Hailyns special day.

We started off the day by having mini manicures, Brittyn helped me out and painted all of the girls fingernails with super sparkly nail polish, then after they were all dry we decorated princess crown sugar cookies with pink icing (which really was delicious) and sprinkles, m&m's and nerds, sprinkles were all over the main floor but I wouldn't expect anything less!!

After cookies were all beautiful we had bbq'd hot dogs, chips and sparkling princess juice in princess cups. Lunch was delicious (as delicious as hot dogs and chips can be) and then we opened presents-- Hailyn got super spoiled again and got wonderful presents (thanks everyone!). Presents were opened and then Happy Birthday was sang and candles were blew out.  The girls were sent home with giant Tangled colouring books as a thank you for sharing Hailyns special day.

It was such a fun time, giving Hailyn a special day was so much fun and I know she loved it! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

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